Roka waits for Yuuki in the library. Yuuki arrives and apologizes to Roka for letting her wait on him. She said that she wasn’t waiting for him. He says that he was looking for her and she says that she didn’t ask for him to look for her. Roka says that he has business with Kotonoha, so he should go. Yuuki says that that’s taken care off. Roka says that Yuuki’s the worst type of guy, two timing girls. He says that she’s wrong and that she should listen to him. She doesn’t want to. He says that Kotonoha is on the first floor with Makoto. Roka says that she went to the first floor, because Yuuki’s and Kotonoha just finished their date. Yuuki says that Makoto is actually in love with Kotonoha and Roka knows that. Roka says that Yuuki is in love with Kotonoha so he shouldn’t break Roka’s heart. Yuuki hugs her and says that he is in love with her. He says that he has been cooperating with Kotonoha to seperate Roka and Makoto. Kotonoha has pure feelings for Makoto, so therefore, Yuuki wanted to make it work between Makoto and Kotonoha. Roka invites Yuuki, but he gets the hint too late, so she runs away out of embarrassment. Kotonoha sees Roka running away and goes to the library. Yuuki says: “Oh, you saw what happened, well shit.” Kotonoha said that she hasn’t seen what happened, but knows that it’s not the right thing to not take action now. Yuuki says that they should look for Makoto. Kotonoha disagrees. Yuuki says that she should not be worried about him and that it’s better to look for Makoto. Kotonoha slaps him and says that he should get a hold of himself. She says that she’s going to get Makoto and Yuuki needs to stay in the library waiting for them. Makoto sees Roka and approaches her. Roka says that Kotonoha is in the library, Makoto should go to her, before it’s too late. Makoto asks what she means. Roka says that Kotonoha was working together with Yuuki to communicate her feelings for Makoto to him, since Kotonoha has trouble revealing her feelings. Makoto can’t believe it. Roka says that Makoto is going to Sekai’s place, but now, Kotonoha said that she is waiting for him. The next scene, Kotonoha runs up to Sekai and Makoto. She says that she needs to lend Makoto for a little bit to lie to Yuuki that they’re dating, so he can move on and go after Roka. Kotonoha says that after this, she will never approach Makoto anymore. Because Makoto likes Sekai, therefore, she is giving up on Makoto. Since she has given up on him, she asks for this favour. Sekai takes a step toward Kotonoha, but Makoto stops her and accepts Kotonoha’s favour. Kotonoha and Makoto go to the library to show Yuuki that they’re in fact “still dating”. Makoto hugs Kotonoha to prove this. Makoto asked if this guy was “bothering Kotonoha” and Yuuki says that he is not. He has known that Kotonoha and Makoto were dating for some time. Makoto says that Roka is in the class room and that he should go. Yuuki runs off and Kotonoha thanks Makoto. She says that even though it was a lie, it made her happy. She said that she is sorry for bringing him out here for this reason. Makoto hugs Kotonoha and says that he’s not lying, he is in fact still in love with Kotonoha. Yuuki finds Roka and they reconcile.