Yuuki tries to reconcile with Roka, telling her that she and Katsura only worked together to get her back to Makoto, because she is his girlfriend and that Yuuki is in love with Roka. Roka tries to give Yuuki an invitation, but he gets the hint too late, letting Roka run away ashamed. Yuuki gives up and lets Roka slip through his hands. Kotonoha slaps Yuuki and yells that he should get ahold of himself, he still has given up on Roka and tells Kotonoha that she should go to Makoto. Kasannoin-senpai and Kyomi are alone in the rest room, Kyomi confessed to her brother and his dream came true, because he had always been in love with his sister. Not with Nanami. Kuroda finds Makoto and had to catch him and lock him up into the rest room, it was a request of Nanami, she didn’t know why. He was not allowed to leave the room. Itou’s honest feelings for Kuroda came out. He said: “I’m not allowed to leave this room, right?” She answers “Yes.” He says: “Therefore..” and jumps on her. In the epilogue, Nanami calls her boyfriend and says: “We haven’t met each other lately, therefore, I don’t know, but..” and she hangs up. She goes to Makoto’s home and sees that Hikari is there too, surprisingly. She says that she has not yet dumped her boyfriend and that she came here, because she felt lonely and has a broken heart. She feels guilty, because it totally feels like cheating on him. Roka and Hikari assure her that it’s totally not cheating, that there are many other girls with boyfriends who come here to get their heart fixed. Nanami says that she regrets coming and Roka tells her that she won’t regret it. The people who come to visit Makoto pay him, so the more girls visit, in a relationship or even married, the more money they make. Girls from the sport department visit regularly. Roka tells Kuroda that she thinks it’s cool that Kuroda’s in love with Makoto, but still allows him to have intercourse with other girls. Kuroda says that she’s wrong, but Roka says that while they had intercourse, Kuroda said that she loves him. Kuroda gasps and drops her cup of coffee. After all, Kuroda lives with Makoto. Kuroda says that Makoto’s mother trusts her so that’s why she can call other girls to his home, if she found out the real reason, it would be very awkward. Kuroda asks if Roka is still going to make up with Yuuki, but Roka says that it’s impossible, it’s way too late to still do that.