Roka has heard from Katou that Ruka and Yuuki confessed to each other and had intercourse in the rest room. Yuuki denies this, saying that he only came here to visit Kotonoha and Ruka and Yuuki did not confess to each other, never mind even liking each other. Ruka confessed to somebody else, but he had to keep it a secret. Yuuki gets mad at Roka for believing Katou’s made up rumor. Roka doesn’t know who to believe. Chie comes and confirms that Yuuki has been caught by Roka, that he was in the rest room with Ruka Imagawa. Yuuki gets upset and runs away. The door opens and they see Ruka, they ask about Yuuki. Ruka said that Yuuki apparantly could not keep his mouth shut, because she confessed to a boy called Ishimaru and now they’re dating. Meaning that Yuuki was telling the truth in the end. Makoto visits the reception in front of the rest room, asking where Katou is. Kotonoha takes this opportunity and tells him that she’s still his girlfriend, that she loves him and invites him to the rest room. He hesitated and disagreed at first, but in the end, he said that he loved her too and accepted her invitation.
Yuuki goes to the library and cries. Kasannoin-senpai finds him and asks if he wants to be introduced to some other girl. To taste something else, he can try out dating a small person like Nanami’s little sister, who happens also to be a virgin, if Yuuki is interested. Yuuki cries saying that nobody believes him. Kasannoin-senpai said: “So you want a person that believes in you.” Yuuki cries out loud and Kasannoin-senpai says: “Damn, you were betrayed terribly.”
Sekai and Kyomi are walking around looking for a rare romance book. They walked up to Nanami, who is very irritated, because she can’t reach her boyfriend Kasannoin-senpai on the phone. She says she doesn’t know and walks away irritated. Kyomi says that she’s a very tall person, Sekai agrees. Back to the rest room, Makoto unbuttons his clothes and Kotonoha says: “Sorry.. this happens way to fast.”
In the epilogue, Kotonoha and Makoto are still dating and are doing fine as a couple, because Yuuki sees them regularly together. Kasannoin-senpai asks Yuuki how his love life is going, which Yuuki replies to that he has left everything between him and Roka behind in the past. Kasannoin-senpai said that he didn’t meant that, but the girl he introduced Yuuki to recently. Yuuki says that the girl only seems to be noisy, but in fact is not. Kasannoin-senpai is glad to hear that and Yuuki asks if they should go on a double date with 4 people. Kasannoin-senpai agrees and Yuuki ends with: “I will ask her.. I wonder what she’s going to say. Kokoro-chan.” Meaning that Yuuki started dating Kokoro-chan, Kasannoin-senpai introduced Yuuki to Kokoro-chan!