Niki and Hanon tell Yuuki about Roka’s past. Niki was in the same class as Roka in middle school. During middle school, she was being left out from the other classmates. This is because her mother is a “water seller” nearby the train station, but not a real water seller, she is a prostitute, she sleeps with customers in exchange for money. Makura eigyo as they call it. Because of this, Katou and her friends kept bullying Roka and Katou said things like “Roka is walking the same path as her mother.” So because of this, everybody who came nearby Roka, she would say: ” don’t come near me.” or “don’t touch me.” to not give the wrong impression. One day, Katou was bullying her again and Roka exploded, saying: “You’re saying this because your father told you these things after he came home to you.” Meaning that Katou’s father cheated on Katou’s mother with Roka’s mother. After that, the bullying stopped, but they never became friends, they just kept their distances. That’s the reason why Roka is considered to be “difficult”. She never had a crush on Makoto, Katou made sure that she wouldn’t due to the bullying and in general, Katou always kept other girls away from Makoto.