Yamagata-san has blackmailed Yuuki into a plan to breakup Makoto and Katsura, which involved her and Yuuki to follow them around everywhere and have intercourse with Yuuki to compensate him for his “help”, because Yuuki originally did not want to help Yamagata-san at all. She blackmailed Yuuki, saying that if he would not help her, she would tell everyone including Roka that he took her first time. At some point, Yuuki said that she could do anything she wants, as long as she would finally leave him alone and be with Roka again. At this point, Yamagata-san blackmailed, or rather seduced, him into having intercourse in the library for a few months. After 3 months, Itou called Yuuki saying that Itou and Yamagata-san need to talk. They say that it’s a very serious conference meeting for them and that Yuuki doesn’t know if it would seriously affect Yamagata-san. Yuuki is going to meet up with Roka too. Yamagata-san is shocked and says that it’s wrong for them too to meet up. Yuuki says that he knows that it will be a bit awkward, considering that Yuuki and Roka did not meet up for 3 months. Yamagata-san says that it’s not that. Yuuki asks: “Then what?” Yamagata-san replies: “No, nothing.” Yuuki says that he’s disgusted by being seduced so easily and says that Yamagata-san needs to tell her honest feelings for Itou to him, to get over everything. Yamagata-san has a disappointed look on her face. In the next scene, Roka’s friends apologize to her that they could not bring Yuuki to her after school, because he has something to do. Roka says that that’s okay, because it probably involves her. Just recently, Itou said to Roka that Yuuki wants to meet up with her.
Later on, Yamagata-san wants to talk with Roka and she says that according to Yuuki, Itou was seducing and deceiving Roka with his talks, so she apologizes instead. Roka says: “Sorry?” Yamagata-san answers: I thought Roka was bothered by it, that’s why I’m apologizing. Also Yuuki did not seem to care much, but Yamagata-san could not let it go from here. Saying that it can’t be helped that Roka did not have contact for 3 months with the boy she’s dating.
Roka asks if this is her situation. Yamagata-san is shocked and says: No! I’m talking about Roka’s situation.
Roka answers: Really? I thought I was really hearing Yamagata-san’s story.
Yamagata-san says: What do you mean?
Roka answers: “I don’t know what happened when you were in junior highschool, but you were chasing Itou consistently and suddenly moved away for many months.”
Yamagata-san disagrees, but Roka says that Itou himself told her this, because they were in the same junior high. Yamagata-san disagrees again.
Roka said: To be with Itou for the first time failed, second time failed too because Itou was dating Katsura already.
Yamagata-san interrups her saying that she’s wrong!
Roka says: And then later on, you went to Yuuki.
Yamagata-san says that Roka’s wrong, that Yuuki is different from Ii and Itou.
Roka says: That’s right, because Yuuki is mine.
Yamagata-san is shocked.
Roka says: I was doubting Yuuki, because I’m afraid, or rather afraid of myself. Because you knew from junior high, you thought it would be easy to get all over him considering their weakness. You might have given him something extra, but I will tell you this. This is not my own feeling, but also Yuuki’s. He called me to his home, showed me everything. Itou told me, if you don’t talk about everything and accept everything, you can’t become their real lover. In the past, when Itou liked Yamagata-san, Yamagata-san was the person who did not say anything.
Yamagata-san answers: Even until now.. I still haven’t said.. anything..
Roka says: Well then! Why are you taking Yuuki and what are you still doing? In whatever circumstances you and Yuuki were in, I only see and I only believe in Yuuki. And as Itou said, I will become his real lover.
Yamagata-san says: Is that possible? When you were not there, did Yuuki tell what we have been doing?
Roka says: I don’t need to know.
Yamagata-san did not expect this answer and says: Wait, just, listen!
Roka says: Even if you tell me, I won’t believe it. Even if it’s true, I won’t believe it. But don’t you ever put yourself between me and Yuuki anymore. Yamagata-san should talk with Makoto.
Yamagata-san says: I don’t need it.
Roka says: Give me Yuuki back.
Yamagata-san says: That’s right, but don’t need it.
Roka says: You don’t need the help of Yuuki. To a certain extent, you were close with Itou.
Roka walks away.
Yamagata-san and Makoto meet up.
Makoto says that at first, he did not want to come, but Katsura and Yuuki insisted and now he wants to hear what Yamagata-san has to say. Ever since junior high, he gets to hear that he and Yamagata-san did not face each other properly. That’s why I tried it through Yuuki.
Yamagata-san says: What about Katsura-san.
Makoto says: I did not tell her yet, but I will tell her later.
Yamagata-san says: Is that so..
Makoto says: Kotonoha trusts me and I love Kotonoha, so my feelings won’t change for her.
Yamagata-san says: Your feelings won’t change..
Makoto says: Yuuki is in love with Roka. Katsura is cheering for them, so she will be pleased if they will be brought together.
Yamagata-san says: But.. Roka hasn’t met Yuuki for a long time, therefore Roka-
Makoto interrupts her and says: No, they have always been thinking of each other.
Yamagata-san is shocked.
Makoto explains that Roka’s friends encouraged her to try again and that Yuuki felt indebted to Yamagata-san, but Roka and Yuuki were still dating all this time.
Yamagata-san says: He felt indebted, but the feeling when we were together..
Makoto says: Release Yuuki already, Yamagata-san, so they can finally be happy together again.
Yamagata-san says in shock: Then.. then.. what happens to me?! Makoto.. I’ve always been in love with you. Yet, you did not turn around during the school festival.
Makoto says: I’m sorry.
Yamagata-san says: Katsura-san came out of nowhere, without doing any effort, robbing Makoto’s feelings, that’s so sly.
Makoto says that that’s not true.
Yamagata-san says: So I’m.. no good? If you ask Yuuki, he will say that I have always liked Makoto-kun.
Makoto says: I’ve heard about it.
Yamagata-san says: Makoto liked me during junior high, so, we can start over. So.. so.. we can start dating once again!
Makoto refuses so Yamagata-san replies: Then I won’t release Yuuki!
Makoto says: Yamagata-san, just stop that.
Yamagata-san screams: I won’t listen, I don’t want to hear it!
Makoto hugs Yamagata Ai, apologizes, and she cries. Katsura is seen to peep in the corner.

The next scene, Yuuki wonders if Yamagata-san is doing alright.
Roka says: Seriously, even though I’m already by your side, you’re still worried about that? Yuuki apologizes.
Roka says: Anyway, by doing all that, Yuuki can help anyone who is in trouble apparantly.
Yuuki says: I think so.
Roka says: Therefore, I will do my best to not mind too. Yuuki thanks her.
Roka says: Because I am as it is and Yuuki is himself as it is. Yuuki agrees.
Roka says: I will invite you to my home. Yuuki says that he’s nervous.
Roka says: My mother won’t bite you. Yuuki replies that he knows.
Roka says: Did Itou tell you about it, about my house. Yuuki apologizes that he got angry before, about that (that Makoto visited Roka’s house).
Roka says: Well..
Yuuki says: It was not a prejudice, it’s just that.. I thought Roka hated that kind of thing, saying those slick words.
Roka says: I understand, it’s just because Yuuki does like that kind of thing.
Then it suddenly snows.