Yuuki tells Yamagata-san that they should go and meet their beloved ones. Yamagata-san should confess her feelings to Itou and Yuuki should meet Roka again after not seeing each other for 3 months. After this, Yamagata-san and Yuuki will meet each other again for “consultation” and “rewarding” each other. Instead of going to Itou, Yamagata-san waits for Yuuki the whole time, while Yuuki is meeting Roka’s mother for the first time. After the fun meeting, they forgot to give the souvenir to Yuuki so Roka had to run after him to give it back. Meanwhile, Yamagata-san and Yuuki meet up and they continue with their “consultation” and “reward” game, Yamagata-san says that they can go to her home because her dad is away, which Yuuki accepts. Roka caught them cheating so she removed the new ribbon she got from Yuuki and threw it on the ground. In the next scene, Yuuki says that he is a school dropout and is heavily in search of a new school, his sister hates him (for what he has done to Roka), and Yamagata-san should leave him alone, because he’s busy studying catching everything up. Yamagata-san says that Yuuki is a mean papa, Yuuki doesn’t want to be called like that. They are having a baby!