Ai confronts Makoto. Later, Ai visits Yuuki at his home and she tells that Makoto is deeply in love with Katsura and he won’t change his mind. Yuuki is willing to kick Makoto’s ass. Ai says that it’s no good and Makoto will stay in love with Katsura, no matter what. She says that Katsura only had her eyes on Makoto all this time, while Ai was also doing things with Yuuki, calling herself the worst. Yuuki disagrees and wants to admit that he’s in love with Ai, but Ai keeps talking over him. Ai says that because Makoto won’t change, today will be last day together with Yuuki, having intercourse. In the next scene, Roka’s friends ask her how she and Yuuki are doing. Roka says that it’s going well, but Yuuki asked to keep their relationship a secret. Roka says that Yamagata-san dropped out of high school, according to Makoto. Meanwhile, Yamagata-san is pregnant staying over at Yuuki’s place secretly, she says that she’s also using his computer with the internet and asked if Yuuki already inserted something on the register, leaving Yuuki puzzled and frustrated.