Nanami and Kasannoin-senpai brought Yuuki and Roka together to reconcile. Kuroda and Kotonoha came up with a plan that Kotonoha gives her number to Taisuke so that he would contact Kotonoha and she would call in Kuroda to let them meet up in front of the rest room. However, Taisuke visits the rest room, which Kotonoha sits in front off, and he asks her to hang out during the school festival. He also explains to the other girls, Katou and her friends, that Kotonoha gave her number to him, leaving them with the wrong impression. Kotonoha tries to explain that she gave her number to help Kuroda. Katou’s friends call it a lame excuse and Katou proceeds telling Taisuke that he should force (or another word for it: rape) Kotonoha in the rest room and gives him a condom, because “girls like that kind of thing”. Yuuki and Roka are together again, but Kotonoha gets raped by Taisuke, because Katou encouraged him to.