Cross Days [0verflow] – 闇に堕ちる BAD ENDING


Roka sends pictures of her and Makoto to Yuuki, to let him think that they’re dating. Makoto takes advantage of this and has “practice” with her. After this, she writes “Never mind.” and probably has sent this to Yuuki, and the episode ended. In the epilogue, she visits Yuuki’s home and gives him a boob job. Apparantly, she asked if he has heard “about it”, which Yuuki answers “Yes” to and she has plenty of services, meaning that she became a prostitute. She says that she thinks that Kuroda is interested in Yuuki and that Roka became very good at giving boob jobs. Yuuki denies the first part and says that Makoto teached her to do these things. That Makoto is the worst guy, but she probably knows that already, and now she became his girlfriend, that has intercouse with anyone that drops by. She ends with: “… Earlier.. you felt pretty good huh.” She leaves his house and cries.

Cross Days [0verflow] – Makoto Gets Beaten Up


Yuuki goes to Makoto’s home to beat him up, because he got extremely jealous when he saw Makoto hugging Roka. Not only that, but Yuuki has gotten the impression that Makoto is leading many girls on and cheating on his real girlfriend. On his way, a little girl mistakes him for her brother (who happens to be Makoto’s little sister, Itaru). He knocks on Makoto’s door, but he isn’t home, leaving him and Itaru both waiting for him. Makoto arrives and Yuuki beats him up, leading to Itaru trying to defend Makoto and calling him “onichan”, which made Yuuki realize that she is his little sister. He runs off and leaves Makoto and Itaru crying. The next day, on the school festival, Setsuna has a plan to not only bring Hikari and Taisuke together, but also Roka and Yuuki as a couple. The reason? To stop Makoto getting beaten up by Yuuki.

Cross Days [0verflow] – 和解 ENDING


Roka and Kotonoha team up to reconcile with their crushs. Yamagata tries to lead Makoto to the rest room. At the reception, Roka stands there and says to Makoto that the one he really loves is not Sekai, but Kotonoha. Makoto realizes this and tries to call Kotonoha, but Yamagata blocks him from calling her and says that she wants to talk with him privately. Makoto hesitates, but agrees to it, so they enter, Makoto unknowingly, the rest room to “talk”. Kotonoha goes to the library and says to Yuuki that Roka is waiting on the roof top. Yuuki asks if Kotonoha has reconciled with Makoto and she answers that she believes that her love is strong that it will survive and everything is going to be okay between them. Yuuki goes to the roof top in the end and reconciles with Roka.

Cross Days [0verflow] – Roka helps Kotonoha

Step-by-Step Guide – How to hook Cross Days into ITH (Interactive Text Hooker)

Disclaimer: This guide does not inform you how to hook Interactive Text Hooker with Translation Aggregator (TA), there are many other guides that do. This guide only explains how to hook Cross Days with ITH.

Since I was dealing with the same problem, I found out that the solution was actually pretty easy. Unfortunately, I did not find any other guides that explained this, so that’s the reason why I’m posting this step-by-step guide.

First, you download ITH here. Please update to ITH 3. Once you open ITH, you see this. Notice the button “Process” on the up left corner.

Open Cross Days, go back to ITH and click on the button “Process“. Next to that, click on CrossDays.exe and then in the middle, click on OK.


For most games, ITH will automatically find the text, but for some games, like Cross Days, it won’t.
You have to put this code: /HWN-4@41F3A8 into the text bar.

After that, click on ENTER and you see this appear: Userhook0, additional hook inserted, insert address etc.

Start playing Cross Days until you see text appear in-game, then switch back to ITH and you see a new bar appear called UserHook0. Click on this bar, do not stay on ConsoleOutput, because you won’t be able to see the text.

Congratulations! Now, you can see the in-game text and when you hook ITH up with TA, you can read the game translated! It’s a great way to learn Japanese.

Please support 0verflow and other eroge companies by buying their games~

Cross Days [0verflow] – Shibukawa, Reveal Yourself!


Nanami lost her phone a few days ago, during the time she lost her phone, somebody took her phone and posted nasty comments about the School Basketball Girls club on the bulletin board. Because of this, everybody thought that Nanami was the culprit, because it was send from her account. Luckily, Roka, Yuuki and Kasannoin-senpai showed up and revealed the truth: they just had found Nanami’s phone and knew that Shibukawa was the last person that used it, for instructions. The reason why she posted those mean comments, is because she totally opposed the idea of the rest room. The girls didn’t believe it at first, because in order to use somebody’s phone, they need to know their password. They told them that Nanami told her password to Shibukawa (when they were with them), that’s why she could use her phone. Shibukawa was shocked and embarrased. Further on, Kasannoin then asks if he and Nanami are allowed priority in using the rest room, which Chie approves of. Then, Roka tells Yuuki that she lied about having plans on the day of the school festival and really wants to spend the day with Yuuki. Yuuki agrees, BUT Hikari shows up to prevent it! She doesn’t want Roka to hang out with Yuuki that day. The reason why she did this, is because Taisuke said that he met a cute girl who’s friends with Yuuki, and that the girl asked to hang out in a group with him on the school festival day. Hikari has a crush on Taisuke so she got jealous, mad and wanted to know her name. Taisuke did not want to reveal this. Hikari guessed “Kitsuregawa Roka” which Taisuke replied to: “I haven’t heard that name before, but.. probably..” This had led to the misunderstanding that the girl was Roka, however, the girl was Katsura Kotonoha! Due to this, Hikari thinks that Roka is the girl that he met and now, she wants to prevent her hanging out with Yuuki too, out of misplaced jealousy.

Cross Days [0verflow] – みなみの恋人 ENDING


During the school festival, Katou was bullying Kotonoha and dared Kotonoha to ask Makoto to the rest room, if he really was her boyfriend. Kotonoha was determined and said that she will bring him. This made Katou self-conscious and because of that, Katou asked her friend Minami to bring Makoto to her to indirectly invite him to the rest room. Kotonoha went and instead of Makoto, she came across Yamagata and she said that she would deliver her message to Makoto, which was a lie, because Yamagata also has a crush on Makoto. Taisuke told Makoto about the school festival tradition, a girl that invites you to go to the rest room, and Makoto liked the idea a lot. Suddenly, Yamagata says that a friend of Katou arrived that wants to talk to Makoto. Since Makoto considers Katou as an old friend, Taisuke was like: “Ah, boring!”. However, instead of Katou, her friend Minami was there to pick up Makoto. Makoto has gotten the wrong impression, he thought that Minami used Katou as an excuse, and brought Minami to the roof to do the tradition. In the end, Roka and Yuuki ended up together and Kotonoha and Katou were still waiting for Makoto in front of the rest room.

Cross Days [0verflow] – Kotonoha can’t talk with Makoto


Makoto tries to avoid Kotonoha, but it doesn’t work. Kotonoha wants to talk with Makoto about various things such as the upcoming school festival. However, Katou-san doesn’t let her finish and forces Kotonoha to come back to do her work.

Cross Days [0verflow] – Taisuke Wants To Be Cupid


Taisuke wants to match Tanaka and Setsuna as a couple.