Cross Days [0verflow] – Yuuki Gives Sekai a Wake Up Call


Yuuki tells Sekai that she is being played by Itou Makoto, because he is already in a relationship with Katsura.

Cross Days [0verflow] – Chie Protects Kotonoha


Nanami blames Kotonoha for the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her. She says that Kotonoha seduced Kasannoin-senpai to let him cheat on a strange girl. That Kotonoha has been like this since forever, seducing men who have a girlfriend and then go on to the next victim. Kotonoha says that it’s impossible and she would never do such a thing. Right when Nanami tries to attack her, Chie jumps in and says: “See, I promised that I would protect you.”

Cross Days [0verflow] – Kotonoha Has To Spill the Truth About Yesterday’s Secret


Kotonoha is called by Chie to tell her about Kasannoin-senpai’s secret, because she thinks that it involves her brother. Kotonoha says that it doesn’t concern anybody, but she still got forced to tell the secret by Katou. Chie is very gentle with her approach and asks Kotonoha to tell about the secret and promised her that she won’t get in any trouble for telling. Nanami comes in and is just in time to hear about her boyfriend cheating on her. She hears what Kotonoha is telling (Kasannoin cheating with Hanon) and gets incredibly mad, says that she’s absolutely lying and tries to get Katou’s confirmation, however, even though Katou hates Kotonoha, she does believe her on this, because she knows Hanon.

Cross Days [0verflow] – Kotonoha Gets All the Blame


Chie wants to find out what Kasannoin-senpai has done to her brother. Kasannoin-senpai was in the train with Hanon the day before, and Kotonoha got a glimpse of that. The next day, Kasannoin-senpai visited Kotonoha’s class and wanted to make a promise with Kotonoha that she won’t tell anybody about “yesterday”, that she saw them together, because he is secretly cheating and actually has a girlfriend (Nanami). Katou and Roka are secretly watching the conversation. Katou says that Kotonoha is a vile woman that likes to steal men from their girlfriends and such. Roka starts thinking that she knows that Kotonoha and Yuuki had contact before. Chie wants to find out what the secret of yesterday is, because she thinks that it is about her brother Yuuki.

Cross Days [0verflow] – Yuuki is Robbed from his Manhood (Sad scene)


Yuuki went on a double date with Kasannoin-senpai, senpai’s side girlfriend Hanon and the troublesome girl Niki. Yuuki was led to believe that Niki had interest in him, leading him to a room where Niki tried to have intercourse with him for money, “because Yuuki is cute, he didn’t have to pay a lot”. Yuuki started laughing out of pity of himself, realizing that Niki didn’t have any genuine interest in him at all and felt like a loser, and said he had to go home, leaving Niki naked behind. While at home, his sister Chie finds Yuuki laying in bed and Yuuki tells her crying that he has been ripped of his pride by Kasannoin-senpai.

Tenso – SAL/Registered Small Package – Review + Cross Days Limited Edition

I paid 15.81 euro for SAL/Registered Small Package

It took approximately a month to arrive at home.

I would 100% recommend, once again, as a third party supplier. I consider them to be neat, highly professional, fast and great in communication.

Tenso – SAL/Registered Small Package – Review + Cross Days unpacking

So on the 26th of October, I ordered Cross Days through this link.
It got delivered at Tenso and then (more…)

Cross Days – スクリプ卜のバ一ジョンが一致していません – FIX


Edit: Special thanks to MaggieROBOT from Fuwanovel Forums who provided the real and lasting solution to the problem.

The last option (changing your time region to Japan) worked for me!